At Hamilton's Run we bring you knowledge of breeding principles and years of experience. The Hamilton Family has been breeding red dairy cattle since 1964, and herd testing since 1970.  By 1971 we were early adopters of artificial insemination methods newly available in our district.


Examining genetic numbers is important, but it's not the only thing a wise herdsman will think about when making breeding selections.  Graeme Hamilton has been passionate about dairy farming his whole life, and breeding beautiful red dairy cows who are willing workers has been his ultimate goal.

Graeme uses a broad selection of AI sires for our herd, carefully selecting the bulls from across the world to fit the profile of our herd for high production, fertility performance and long herd life.  A further emphasis for our herd from time of birth is that they are fully fed to realise their genetic potential.  

We provide our cows every opportunity to perform from the day they are born, until they leave the farm at the end of their productive life.  We run an intensive grazing production system on a milking area of 150 Hectares, utilising 16 dry matter tonnes per Hectare on the irrigated land of 70 Hectares through the dry Australian summers.  Another 80 Hectares is used for dryland annual ryegrass cropping on main Cluain property.

Herd test data as at July 2017 demonstrated that we give the best of both worlds with sound milk volumes coupled alongside generous milk solids:

  • Average 8,391 litres per lactation.

  • Average 287 kilogram protein per lactation.

  • Average 305 kilograms butterfat per lactation.

The Hamilton Family are excited to be shortly offering export quality Australian Red Dairy Breed embryos to many international destinations.

Hamilton's Run heifers