To share the benefit from over 50 years of selected mating and strict culling programmes, we are making regular releases of embryos for other breeders to choose from. 


Our goal for these embryos is to be implanted, gestated, born, reared and milked in commercial herds, as well as for discerning breeders who wish to include genetics from our herd into their own herd improvement.


We will be aiming to flush females from our most consistent cow families with decades of proven commercial performance.  These will be deep cow families with consistency between family members; consistency from lactation to lactation; consistently improving herd life; and milk persistency within each lactation.  Our selections will be vigorous cows which habitually search for food in mature life, after having been easy calves to rear.


These young females will be flushed to bulls that we will select to enhance all of these qualities.  We can also arrange a bull of your choice given advance notice.

"You don't say?"